Frozen pelagic Fish

Demersal fish live freely near the seabed

This category includes all our frozen pelagic fish :

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  • European pilchard, Sardina pilchardus, are  pelagic fish belonging to the family Clupéidé.they have a body lengthened with a silvery white stomach, a slightly blue back with dark spots, thin and rather big scales.

  • Golden mullet, scientific name Liza aurata , are pelagic fish belonging to the family Mugilidae. They have a tapered body and wide covered with large scales, a large head, eyes protected by adipose eyelid, golden spots on the cap, a small mouth.

  • Great barracudas ,  scientific name (Sphyraena barracuda) , are demersal fish, belonging to the family Sphyraenidae. They have a lengthened body, a large-sized lower jaw and teeth in the shape of fang.

  • Horse mackerel, scientific name Trachurus trachurus, are pelagic fish from the family Carangidae They have a spindle-shaped and compressed body, a greenish back, Big Eye, a very protractile mouth, a greenish back with dark blue green reflections, a black spot above the pectoral

  • Medeiran sardinella,  Sardinella maderensis, are pelagic fish from the family ClupeideThey have a striking stomach, pectoral superior whites on the outside side with a black membrane in the middle. they differs from the round sardinelle by their 7 rays on pelvic fins and their grey tail fin.

  • Ribbon Fish, scientific name Trichiurus lepturus , are semi-pelagic fish belonging to the family Trichiuridae. They have an elongated and compressed body, a very long dorsal fin, a large head, low pectoral fins, a mouth in advanced military elongated teeth.

  • Round sardinella , scientific name  Sardinella aurita, are  pelagic fish belonging to the family Clupeidae. They have a body lengthened with a white stomach silvered without any spot, a blue-green back, thin and rather big scales, a yellow golden horizontal line cuts sides in two.

  • Atlantic bonitos , scientific name Sarda Sarda coeruleostictus, are pelagic fish belonging to the family Scombridae.They have a sharp head with a wider mouth , a body oval and compressed laterally and a dark blue lined back.

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