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  • Fresh pelagic fish

    Pelagic fish live in the waters close to the surface or between the surface and the bottom.

    This category includes all our fresh pelagic fish caught in Mauritania:

    Round sardinella  European pilchard   Golden mullet   Ribbon Fish   Medeiran sardinella   Horse mackerel ect ...

  • Fresh Demersal Fish

    Demersal fish live freely near the seabed

    This category includes all our fresh demersal fish :

    Spotted seabass  Canary dentex  Capitain fish Golden grouper Goatfish  Sharpsnout seabream ...

  • Angola dentex, scientific name Dentex angolensis, are demersal fish belonging to the family of Sparidae. They are small-size dentex with a relatively big eye and an iris  often bright yellow.

  • Bearded brotula, scientific name Brotula barbata, are  demersal fish belonging to the family Ophidiidae.They have a body lengthened, cylindrical and shrunk towards the back. The dorsal and anal fins are long.

  • Origine : Mauritania Blackspot seabream , scientific name Pagellus bogaraveo scientific name , are demersal belonging to the Sparidae family. It has an oval body laterally compressed , a small mouth , a pointed snout , a black spot above the gills .

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  • The bluespotted seabream, scientific name Pagrus coeruleostictus, belongs to the family Sparidae. It has a voluminous head and a compressed body , It has 6 incisors of every jaw,with round molars and 5 longitudinal lines gilded on the side line

  • Canary dentex, scientific name Dentex canariensis, belongs to the family Sparidae, and has an upper profile of head a red spot charged later at the doe of dorsal fin.It has small  mouth and teeth extremely powerful, a flattened and compressed body

  • Capitain fish, scientific name Pseudotolithus senegalensis, are  demersal  fish belonging to the family Sciaenidae. They have a silvery body, small eyes, 6 pores on chin and 5 marginal pores on snout, rakes of gill long and thin, a long dorsal fin and profoundly cut and a tail fin sharp

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  • Dogtooth grouper, scientific name Epinephelus caninus, are  demersal fish, belonging to the family Serranidae. They have a massive body, a voluminous head with a wide lower jaw which exceedson the front the upper jaw. their eyes are small and ,seals wear three thorns and the posterior edge is pinked.

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  • Dusky grouper, Epinephelus guaza  are  demersal fish ,belonging to the family Serranidae,  They have a thick head, prominent eyes, oval and massive body covered with small scales and an unique dorsal fin.

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  • Gilthead seabream , scientific name, Sparus aurata, are demersal , belonging to the Sparidae family, They have an oval and massive  body slightly compressed, a regularly convex profile, mouth bass, a golden band between the eyes, orangish stain on the bottom of the cover.

  • Goatfish, scientific name Pseudupenseus prayensis, are demersal fish belonging to the family Mullidae.They have a lengthened body, very visible pink scales , a white stomach, a fine head, separate dorsal fins, a mouth with a pair of mentonniers barbs.

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  • Golden grouper, scientific name Epinephelus costae, are demesral fish belonging to the family Serranidae. They have an elongate body with slim and light beige spots, a sharp head, a back and dark brown flanks 11 spines at the dorsal fin, a protruding lower jaw.

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  • Hake, scientific name Merluccius merluccius, are  demersal fish belonging to the family Merlucciidae. They have a body lengthened and grey, two big dorsal fins and of an anal fin, a big mouth, sharp and well developed teeth.

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  • Large-eyed dentex, scientific name Dentex macrophthalmus, belongs to the family Sparidae. It has an upper profile, very big eyes, 4 developed teeth, a dorsal fin having 11 or 12 thorns.

  • Marmor bream, scientific name Lithognathus mormyrus, are demersal fish belonging to the Sparidae family. They have an oval and compressed body, one long dorsal fin, a forked tail, a small mouth with thick lips, a broken back 15 brown-black stripes and a long snout.

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  • Meagre, scientific name Argyrosomus regius , are semi-pelagic fish belonging to the family Sciaenidae. They have a fusiform body slightly compressed on the flanks, 9 silvery dorsal fin rays on the first dorsal fin, small eyes, a big mouth, highly visible canines.

  • Mottled grouper, scientific name Mycteroperca rubra, belongs to the family Serranidae.It has a sharp head and a body hurt with clear spots developed at the level of the stomach.

  • Pargy ,  scientific name Diplodus vulgaris , are  demersal fish belonging to the Sparidae family. They have an oval  and very accentuated body , one long dorsal fin, two black bands, one on the neck to the waist and 2 at the base of the caudal fin, fifteen horizontal lines along the body .

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  • The Portuguese sole, scientific name: Synaptura lusitanica, are  demersal fish belonging to the family soléidés.There body is flat and oval, there pectoral fin and has a black spot in its extremity.

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  • Red mullet,  scientific name Mullus barbatus, are demersal fish  belonging to the family Mullidae . They have an elongated body with pink-reddish color, a vertical arched forehead, two long barbels under the chin, their first dorsal fin is colorless.

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  • The Red pandora , scientific name Pagellus bellottii, are  demersal fish belonging to the family Sparidae.They have a slightly convex head, dorsal fin wide and joined to the tail fin, spherical and clear eyes .  Their color is reddish grey, sometimes a little bit pinkish.

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  • Redbanded seabream, scientific name  Pagrus auriga, are demersal fish  belonging to the family Sparidae . They have an oval body profoundly compressed, with an almost right main profile, strong jaws, thick lips, a dorsal fin with 11 thorns and 10-12 soft rays , anal fin with 3 thorns and 8 or 9 rays.

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