About us

Our Comapny

Lorpex Fish is a company specialized in the market of fresh and frozen seafood, caught in Mauritania.

We offer more than 50 species of fish, crustaceans and cephalopods caught in Mauritanian coast. The quality of our products is guaranteed due to the reputation of this coast, known among the richest in the world because of several climatic factors offering very favorable conditions for fish reproduction.

The export worldwide is our main business with demanding and rigorous customers . To meet the needs of our customers, we prepare our products according to the rules of hygiene and food safety, by respecting the rules of international trade.

To ensure the best service to our customers, we are committed to offering :

  • High quality products
  • Customer support at their disposal 
  • Export department to ensure better shipping
  • long-term relationship based on quality and trust

Our offices

Our main office seat is in Nouakchott - Mauritania and all our commercial and logistics teams are there. .

Lorpex Mauritanie ,
RC N° 8616/GU/9625/3846 Module F 210
Tavragh Zeina  Nouakchott  Mauritanie
Tel/WhatsApp :  +222 31 69 99 99
We have a representation in France - Paris , to facilitate contact with our European customers .

Tel/WhatsApp : +222 44 48 55 34