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  • Origine : Mauritania Blackspot seabream , scientific name Pagellus bogaraveo scientific name , are demersal belonging to the Sparidae family. It has an oval body laterally compressed , a small mouth , a pointed snout , a black spot above the gills .

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  • Capitain fish, scientific name Pseudotolithus senegalensis, are  demersal  fish belonging to the family Sciaenidae. They have a silvery body, small eyes, 6 pores on chin and 5 marginal pores on snout, rakes of gill long and thin, a long dorsal fin and profoundly cut and a tail fin sharp

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  • The octopus , scientific name Octopus vulgaris, belongs to the family OCTOPODIDAE.Its body consists of a coat formed by a thick fold of tissues enabling to protect its shell. It has eight tentacles around the bouch, with 2 rows of suction cups which are used  to taste and to feel.

  • The cuttelfish,  scientific name Sepia officinalis, belongs to the family Sepiidae and considered as a relative close to Octopus. It has a wide menteau and a short bone, 10 tentacles, with the capacity to change color, and can merge easily in the decoration

  • European squid,scientific name  Loligo vulgaris scientific name, is a species of cephalopod belonging to the family Loliginidae. Its body is elongate and sharp moderately thin and cylindrical, its head is provided with 10 tentacles with suction cups for capturing proie.Il has eyes  covered with a transparent membrane.

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  • Horse mackerel, scientific name Trachurus trachurus, are pelagic fish from the family Carangidae They have a spindle-shaped and compressed body, a greenish back, Big Eye, a very protractile mouth, a greenish back with dark blue green reflections, a black spot above the pectoral

  • Mottled grouper, scientific name Mycteroperca rubra, belongs to the family Serranidae.It has a sharp head and a body hurt with clear spots developed at the level of the stomach.

  • Royal spiny lobster ,scientific name Panulirus regius, is a crustacean belonging to the family of decapods. It has  5 pairs of leg with big and red eyes, cylindrical, slightly flattened body, protected by a thick shell.

  • Spotted seabass ,  scientific name Dicentrarchus punctatus, belongs to the family Moronidae.It has big eyes, striking lower jaw, mouth directed upward, and black spot on the edge of the seal.

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