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Common octopus

Octopus vulgaris

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The octopus , scientific name Octopus vulgaris, belongs to the family OCTOPODIDAE.

Its body consists of a coat formed by a thick fold of tissues enabling to protect its shell. It has eight tentacles around the bouch, with 2 rows of suction cups which are used  to taste and to feel.

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Class Cephalopoda
Family Octopodidae
Max size 130 CM
Max Weight 10 KG

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There are several classes of octopus:

TAKO 1                 8 healthy and hard arms; good quality
TAKO 2                 absence of 1 or 2 arms (cut or damaged); good quality
TAKO ROTO          is lacking 3 arms or more damaged

TAKO ROTO MALO  damaged skin,  presence of the bubbles of water on the                               skin

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